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Komfortlüftung von Roomair

Komfortlüftung von Roomair

Komfortlüftung von Roomair

Komfortlüftung von Roomair

The RoomAir Concept

RoomAir offers new innovative components which allow realizing the concept of controlled ventilation of apartments better and at even notably lower costs.

RoomAir works primarily with central components for air distribution, which now are considerably more flexible and efficient due to standardization. Thanks to modularity significant cost savings are possible. What at first view appears to be contradictory is, considered more closely, very simple: Central elements, such as collection resp. distribution boxes, as well as air inlet / outlet boxes are standardized and now made of high-value, heavy duty plastic material. This allows a reduction of costs. Furthermore especially the air collection and distribution box is hexagonal so that it is suitable for air inlet and distribution towards all sides.
With twelve (!) openings the box offers considerably more possibilities than other, hitherto existing collection and distribution box systems..

Advantages of RoomAir

Cost saving of up to 20 - 30%

With RoomAir cost for ventilation of rooms can be reduced substantially.
Depending on the volume of the room ventilation material savings of 20 - 30% are possible. This reduction of costs will allow many home builders who up to now have done without this added comfort for reasons of economy, to install a ventilation system in their new home.

Enormous flexibility

Not included are savings in installation costs. Installation becomes very simple and therefore much more efficient.
Due to the numerous openings and predetermined breaking points, which can be opened by a single blow, additional connections are possible. A single element can be used in many different ways, at minimal time and effort, even on-site.
Unused openings are closed with a blind cover. As the whole concept is modular, such changes can be made in seconds. Even the diameter of the connecting pieces can be modified on-site because the entire system (except the air inlet / outlet box MINI) are suitable for pipe diameter 75mm and 90mm, which means reduced stock requirements and offers increased flexibility.

Heavy duty | lightweight | corrosion resistant

The load capacity and robustness of the plastic parts are guaranteed by the use of glass fiber reinforced polypropylene. Even embedding into the heaviest concrete ceilings cannot harm the distribution box. In spite of the proven strength the parts are very lightweight.
Another important advantage is the absolute corrosion resistance which is due to the fact that no metal which could corrode is incorporate

Sound transmission and cleaning

Thanks to the use of plastics the sound transmission in clearly lower than with metal.
With RoomAir cleaning is very easy: The collection and distribution box can be opened quickly by loosening six screws which provides optimal access for cleaning. At the air inlet / outlet boxes the covering grids can be taken off by hand and the whole box is accessible for cleaning.

Applications of RoomAir

RoomAir can be used practically everywhere, such as:
• Single and multiple dwellings
• Owner occupied flats
• Service centers
• Hotels
• Industry