kontrollierte wohnraumlüftung
wohnraumlüftung, komfortlüftung, minergie, minergiestandart, modulare lüftung  
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Komfortlüftung von Roomair

Komfortlüftung von Roomair

Special items


In spite of the most meticulous planning it is not always possible to place the ducts for inlet and outlet air on the same level, side by side. The solution for this problem is the crossing piece by RoomAir, very simple and economic. The exhaust air is conducted in an uninterrupted tube in transverse direction through the air inlet / outlet box, whereas in longitudinal direction the duct for the inlet air is interrupted so that the fresh air can find its way around the closed exhaust air tube to the continuation of the inlet air duct.
Thanks to the removable cover at the bottom of this box, cleaning is very easy.
The pressure loss in the system is very small, as shown by the measurements of HSLU Luzern.
Measurements: Inside: Length/Width/Depth: 230 x 120 x 118 mm
Outside: Length/Width/Depth: 260 x 150 x 122 mm
KLS Standard
KLF with Filigree-frame 50mm

Heating element VWE

The heating element VWE additionally provides a comfortable room temperature. With the heating elements (PTC) the room temperature can be optimally adjusted. Should the room temperature fall below the desired level, the air heating element is activated. The resistance in the element is increased which warms up the air. If the temperature in the room rises, the resistance is lowered until the set room temperature is again achieved and the heating element is switched off. The reaction time of this element is by far superior to a floor or radiator heating system which makes the conversion of electric energy into heat optimal and economical.
VWE-D Ceiling connection with adjustable disc valve

RoomAir Accessories

Regulation of air volume
To be able to take into account the varying requirements of air volume in different rooms, a disc valve is available for each of both tube diameters. It can be placed directly in the tube, both in the distribution box and in the inlet /outlet box.
TVR-75Disc valve for tube diameter 75 mm (inside diameter 60mm)
TVR-90Disc valve for tube diameter 90mm (Inside diameter 75mm)

Air filter
To clean the exhaust air a G3-filter is used to absorb coarse particles, thus avoiding dirt in the exhaust air ducts. The filters can be installed without problems behind the grids. Changing them is simple.
G3 Filter for exhaust air

Mounting lid for round outlet
The mounting lid is used to cover the opening of the connecting piece (round outlet 100 mm and 125 mm), to keep liquid concrete from entering the connecting piece during pouring concrete. After removing the casings, also the mounting lids are taken off again.
Measurements: 100 x 17mm (for round outlet 100mm)
125 x 25mm (for round outlet 125mm)
MD-100 for RAZ-100, ZAS-3/100 and ZAM-5/100
MD-125 for RAZ-125, ZAS-3/125 and ZAM-5/125