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Angular connecting part for air inlet/outlet

This round air inlet/outlet part is very handy and, above all, reasonnably prized with regard to the product and its use. It can not only be built into casings in traditional construction methods but also into filigree ceilings or brick ceilings.

The rounded shape allows the air flow down gently and safely….

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Our range includes

Angular connecting part for inlet / outlet  of 100mm for 75mm-ducting and 90mm ducting

90mm connection

75mm connection


Angular connecting part of 125mm for 2 x 75mm ducting

2x 75mm connection



The flange and the extension are available for both sizes of the angular connecting pieces for air inlet/outlet.


Traditional construction: The flange is fitted on the casings. Then the angular connecting part is inserted into the flange immediately after the clamps are broken.  The advantage of this fitting method is that the connecting piece can be turned in any direction.

Filigree ceiling:The flange can be given to the builder of filigree ceilings for depositing at an early stage. Then the flange can be delivered to the construction site already mounted and the builder has only to remove the clamps on the side of the connecting part and can insert the connecting part into the flange easily. The assembly is finished rapidly and cost-effectively.


The extension is suitable for thicker ceilings, brick and hanging ceilings, so that the angular connecting piece for air inlet/outlet can still be inserted. If a longer length is needed, the two extensions or more can be assembled together.

Extension  Ø 100mm

Extension  Ø 125mm



In addition, all the components of the same diameter are combinable : the angular connecting part for air inlet/outlet, the extension piece and the flange. Some examples to illustrate: