kontrollierte wohnraumlüftung
wohnraumlüftung, komfortlüftung, minergie, minergiestandart, modulare lüftung  
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controlled air ventilation



Crossing for ventilation tubes

In spite of intensive racking one’s brain, the correct solution sometimes cannot be found: How can a crossing of the ventilation tubes be avoided without excessively long loops? Besides, even with many meters of tubes it may be impossible to avoid a crossing. Moreover it is possible that due to the existing soundproofing regulations and sound sensibilities placing tubes one over the other is no longer advisable.

With the new crossing for tubes, this problem has been solved in a very simple way. The collection and distribution box is opened on all four sides. In transverse direction the exhaust air is conducted in an uninterrupted tube, whereas in longitudinal direction the conduct for the inlet air is interrupted so that the air can find its way around the exhaust air tube to the continuation of the inlet air tube.

An interesting question of course was, whether the aerodynamic resistance would not be too large and therefore cause a disproportionate pressure loss. Measurements made by HSLU in Lucerne however show that the pressure loss is minimal and therefore negligible.

Collection and distribution box MINI

crossing for ventilation tube
Very often the question has arisen: Do we really need a complete collection and distribution box for a small separate apartment in a one-family house on in one or two room flats? With the collection and distribution box MINI RoomAir offers a simple and economical solution.

Based upon the very well-known air inlet/outlet box, this unit is supplied with four openings (on the rear there is an additional possibility) and equipped with a round fixture of 125 mm.

What makes this product very special is that customers contacted us with this idea and suggested that we modify the very versatile box in such a way that it could be used as collection and distribution box. We are keen to see what further ideas our customers will have!
By the way: The HSLU in Lucerne has tested this distribution box and confirmed that our „MINI“ has an extremely small pressure loss!

work with

The number of users of the air distribution system RoomAir is steadily increasing both in Switzerland and abroad. Now also the newly founded Dimplex - Airsystems (Glenn Dimplex Group) is working with RoomAir.


crossing for ventilation tube